Mildred St. Update #4: we did it

I’m several weeks late in reporting this, but I should close the loop since the blog leaves it as an open question. The cities of Fircrest and University Place did indeed reach agreement to jointly apply for the federal grant that makes significant improvements to Mildred Street between Regents Boulevard and 19th Street.

As The News Tribune reported, there was “discord.” What can I say? Sometimes democracy ain’t pretty. But the bottom line is we got there – thanks in large part to the willingness of the Eaton family – which owns the vacant 9-acre parcel between Columbia Bank and Sunrise Center. That property represents one of Fircrest’s best hopes for commercial growth that can help stabilize our small city’s budget.

If UP gets the grant, Fircrest’s share is an estimated $87,000. The Eaton family has agreed to pay Fircrest’s share. It’s a smart move on their part: they get road improvements in front of their property that are worth several times more than the investment. The Fircrest City Council approved an agreement with with the Eaton family at tonight’s Council meeting.

Now we wait. We’ll find out this summer if the grant application is successful.



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