The City Council moves a meeting to the Rec Center (no, that doesn’t mean we’ll wear bathing suits)

About a year ago, I stopped by the pool one Tuesday evening to watch my son at his swim lesson. There were dozens of people there, and I enjoyed lots of great conversations with various folks.

Then I dashed across town to City Hall for a City Council meeting. Besides a handful of city staff members, I think there were two members of the public in attendance.

That got me thinking … dozens of our residents are at the pool and Rec Center on any given Tuesday evening during the summer. Why don’t we bring local government to them? I pitched that to the Council and staff last year, and all agreed to host a meeting in the gym on Tuesday night last August. To be honest, there still wasn’t a big crowd at our meeting, but that was also the first time we’ve done it. If we make it a regular gig, perhaps more people will stick their heads in the room and see what we’re up to. I like that we’re at least making it easier.

Last week, the Council agreed to do it again this summer. The City Council will host a regular Council meeting at the Rec Center on Tuesday, Aug. 11, at 7 p.m. If you’re going to be around that evening, I hope you’ll drop by and see what your local leaders are working on.



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