A banner year at the pool – plus bonus days

Operating a pool is a weather-dependent enterprise, of course. So it should be no surprise that our warm and dry summer led to a busy season at our city pool.

Even with the cool, wet weather at the end of summer, the city has earned about $7,200 more in revenue than in 2014. Here are some other comparisons to last year from the weekly report we receive from the Parks and Recreation Department:

  • General admissions: Increase of 1,030
  • Memberships sold: Increase of 41
  • Membership revenue: Increase of $1,760
  • Punch cards: Increase of $720
  • Admission revenue: Increase of $3,665

Bonus Days: Many of you know that I advocated a few years ago to extend the pool season by a few weekends. I know we all get busy once school and sports seasons get going, but it always seemed weird to me that we open on Memorial Day weekend, when it’s often too cold to enjoy an outdoor pool, but then we close on Labor Day, when it’s (usually) still quite warm. The Council and staff agreed to my proposal to keep the pool open a couple of weekends into September during the past two years.

They’re doing it again this year, though we’ll just extend the season by one extra weekend this year. So the pool will close for the season on Sept. 13.

As always, thanks to our great group of lifeguards and staff who work hard to make it a fun place to spend a summer day.



One thought on “A banner year at the pool – plus bonus days

  1. If you are such a Fircrest pool advocate explain to me why the Fircrest pool has a deep end and no diving board? What a waste. Tacoma has beautiful new water parks, wave pools, spray parks and you are pontificating about the Fircrest pool being open extra time. It is a old pond compared to what Tacoma is doing. Spend some money on the residents for once.

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