Heather doesn’t refute fluoride’s safe usage, except when she does

I recently pointed to evidence that my opponent, Heather Heiderich, opposes municipal fluoridation. Her husband posted a comment on my campaign’s Facebook page saying “this is not Heather’s position,” and promising a full reply from the candidate herself. So let’s compare the things Heather said on Oct. 12 with things she said on Facebook before and after the City Council’s 5-2 vote on this issue last year.

Oct. 12, 2015: “Hunter has taken things out of context” (arguing that the original Facebook post I cited was simply congratulating a friend who worked on an anti-fluoride campaign).

However, the context was clear in this August 2014 post on The Crazy World of Fircrest Politics Page (may the page Rest In Peace):

Heather is disgusted with the Council

On Oct. 12, she wrote: “Despite the scientific evidence of its safety, which I accept and do not refute…”

But last August, she said “There is not nearly enough long-term, scientific research showing that it is beneficial. And there’s for sure not enough of that research to tell me what all the other long-term effects such a chemical … will have on other parts of my body or my mind.”

Heather says not enough research about fluoride

And on July 3, 2014, she called it “industrial waste.”

Heather calls fluoride industrial waste

When you serve on a representative body like the City Council, you must stick to your principles as you try to do the most good for the most people.



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