Mayor’s Message: crime report for 2017 remained flat

Mayor’s Message for June 2018 Town Topics newsletter

Police Chief John Cheesman and his officers work hard to be visible to the community.

They want you — and the bad guys — to see them patrolling our neighborhoods and business districts. And they especially focus on connecting with the children of our community because they want kids to grow up trusting the police.

That’s why you see Fircrest Police officers at National Night Out, the Santa Sleigh Ride, Polar Plunge for Special Olympics, Chief For A Day, Kiwanis Terrific Kid awards, and more. I love that my 9-year-old son sees our officers and wants to talk to them (especially if they’ll let him sit on the FPD motorcycle).

Still, it’s not all fun and games and school lunch buddies. Policing is serious business, and Fircrest is not immune to the challenges in society. From domestic violence and drunken drivers to burglaries and those awful “porch pirates,” our police officers handle difficult situations on a daily basis.

Thanks to their hard work, our crime rate is relatively flat in many categories, and declining in others. Here are a few highlights of Chief Cheesman’s recent 2017 crime report:

Crime                          2016    2017

Burglary                      43        45

Theft                          137      103

Auto theft                    19        13

Assault                        59        39

Domestic violence      150      90

Malicious mischief       34        33

Drug arrests                17        16

There were two notable increases. Arrests for driving while the license is suspended jumped from 179 to 384. And criminal citations increased from 361 to 550. If you’re in trouble with the law, or your license has been suspended for various reasons, you’re going to want to avoid Fircrest.

Due to space constraints, I’ve only shared a few highlights from the Chief’s report. The full report offers statistics over a four-year period. You can find it under the “Up-to-date Information” link at

The Fircrest Police Department does an amazing job, but they can’t do it alone. Even in a small city, our officers can’t be everywhere at once. We all have to pitch in and do our part to watch our neighborhoods and report crimes and suspicious activities. As the chief says, “If you see something, say something.”



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