Mayor’s Message: 39 reasons why this is a great place to live

Mayor’s Message for the October 2018 Town Topics newsletter

I can think of 39 reasons why Fircrest is such a great place to live. They are the 39 year-round employees of the City of Fircrest.

You see some of them fairly often — the police officers, the parks and recreation team, and the Public Works crew members who maintain our streets and utilities.

Then there’s a group that you may see only on occasion. Our planning and building staff work with residents and businesses on construction permits, code enforcement, etc. Our Municipal Court staff are fair and professional, even though many of the “customers” they encounter aren’t there because they want to be (unless they’re coming in to get a passport).

And finally, there’s a group of employees you’ll probably never see, but who are crucial to the city’s operations. They work behind the scenes to handle the city’s finances, process criminal records, maintain our buildings, manage administrative services, and keep our information technology systems functional, among other key tasks.

These employees really know our city. Twenty employees have worked here for at least a decade — and seven of those have been here at least 30 years! That’s a lot of institutional knowledge. Police Chief John Cheesman tops the list as he approaches his 36th year of service to the City of Fircrest. Public Works foreman Jeff Davis is only a year behind the chief.

I’m also glad to see new hires come in. They bring fresh ideas and experiences. Twelve of our 39 employees have worked here less than two years.

At the time of this writing (in early September), our newest employee is named Lindsay and she works in our Finance Department. Who knows — maybe a future mayor of FIrcrest will congratulate Lindsay on her 30th work anniversary in 2048.



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