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League of Women Voters asks about economic development, open government, building consensus, and more

The League of Women Voters has an extraordinary history — forming in 1920 as advocates were making the final push to ratify the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, finally giving women the right to vote. The nonpartisan League has been providing valuable information to voters ever since.

My opponent Heather and I both filled out the League’s candidate questionnaire. It’s a generic one designed for all cities, but it still shows some big differences between us.

League of Women Voters logo

League of Women Voters

Once again, Heather offers happy thoughts but no actual plans. She also takes a couple of strange, ill-informed shots at me. The League’s candidate guide is available at www.vote411.org. You have to drill in by street address, which is handy because you can see our answers side-by-side. I plugged in the address for City Hall and provide the link here. Or, here’s a link to Heather’s answers, and mine are pasted below.

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Yabba dabba do! Fircrest’s Fred Flintstone gets fanci-fied

We spend a lot of time at the Fircrest Tot Lot. Seriously. A lot of time. I mentioned in my voter guide statement that my toddler son would like for us to live there.

We had noticed in our many visits that the wooden Fred Flintstone carving had deteriorated into a disgusting, nearly unrecognizable blob. It’s possible he was scaring small children with his grotesqueness.

But no more. Fred got a facial and, well, whatever you’d call a facial for the entire body. A community-minded Flintstone fan named Erin Dorgan volunteered the time and expense to repaint him. She gets proper credit today from The News Tribune. Check out reporter Christian Hill’s story here.