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Please support Mayor Wittner and Karen Mauer-Smith in the other 2 Fircrest races

Updated: Oct 4

Besides my Position 5 seat, there are two other Fircrest City Council races on the ballot this year.

Mayor Brett Wittner is running for re-election. In our system of government, voters elect the Councilmembers, and the Councilmembers choose one of their own to serve as mayor in 2-year increments. A respected attorney in his "day job," Mayor Wittner was appointed in January 2021, and he has provided steady and thoughtful leadership.

Karen Mauer-Smith is a professional teacher/principal/executive who is running for the position being vacated at the end of the year by Councilmember Joe Barrentine, who isn't seeking re-election. Karen (pronounced CAR-en) taught English and social studies for many years at Wilson, Foss, and SOTA in Tacoma, and recently wrapped up a 13-year stint as principal at Lakes High School in the Clover Park School District. She's now in a role with the central adminstration. She comes from a longtime Fircrest family and grew up here. She is endorsed by Mayor Wittner, Councilmember Bufford and I, and we'd love to work with her.

You can find more information about them on pages 41-43 of the 2023 General Election Voters' Pamphlet.


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