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Working To Keep Fircrest Safe & Family-Friendly

Here are some ways we can work together to keep Fircrest charming, safe, and welcoming for all. 


Leadership & Experience

I am second in seniority on the City Council, and my experience is important as we navigate complex issues around public safety, housing, economic development, zoning, utility infrastructure, and more. Voters elect seven individual Councilmembers who represent the whole city. It’s nice when we unanimously agree on policy and resources, which happens often, but it’s even more important that we have thoughtful debates when we disagree. That’s how we get to the best outcomes for all residents.


Enhancing Police Services

We increased the Police Department’s budget for 2023 to add an officer, which will boost traffic enforcement and neighborhood patrols. Your City Council is fully committed to supporting our next Chief of Police and maintaining true community policing that builds trust.

Pedestrian and Bike Safety

I worked with Councilmembers to approve the lighted crosswalk on Emerson Street as well as another lighted crosswalk that will be built on Electron Avenue by the new community center. Those projects showed we need to think bigger -- not just one intersection at a time. This year, I persuaded the Council to direct city staff to begin developing a Comprehensive Pedestrian & Bike Safety Plan for all of Fircrest. Once completed, this plan should address things like the placement of crosswalks, bike lanes, and traffic-calming options to keep Fircrest safe and family-friendly.

Parks & Rec

As Mayor, I was proud to co-lead the community effort to design, fund, and build our new public pool and community center. What an impact they have had on our quality of life and property values! The overwhelming popularity of this community jewel shows how much Fircrest residents value high-quality public amenities. Here's what's next: I sponsored the city’s work to update the master plan for Whittier Park, and I’m excited to see how you determine that park’s future.


Improved Customer Service

We have spent the past few years modernizing the City of Fircrest’s internal systems and processes, enhancing support for our beloved community events. We even made it easier to get a passport.

Stewards Of Your Money

Fircrest receives about 18 cents of every dollar you pay in property taxes. We stretch those dollars to provide police, parks and recreation, streets, and other basic services. I am proud that we will only spend $10 million of the $13 million voters approved for the new pool and community center because of highly successful fundraising from grants and private philanthropy. When was the last time you saw a government not spend everything it was allowed to spend?

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